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2016 30th anniversary of Biopharm GmbH. 17 employees in Eppelheim

2011 Integration of the analytical services of Biopharm GmbH in SYMBIOSIS – part of BIOPHARM GmbH at our site in Eppelheim

2006 20th anniversary of Biopharm GmbH, modernisation of our biosafety level 2 laboratories, 35 employees at two sites

1999 Acquisition of second building in Eppelheim with 1500 sqm of laboratory and office space for the analytical services business of Biopharm GmbH

1997 30 employees, start of work on bioassays for specific therapeutic indications

1996 10th anniversary of Biopharm GmbH, first GMP certification

1993 First GLP certification

1989 15 employees, well established analytical services business

1986 Biopharm GmbH founded by Michael Paulista in Heidelberg