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Central to our company philosophy is our clients’ satisfaction. This is manifested in a proven track record of succesful projects and long term partnerships. You will profit from our expertise in analytical testing for more than 30 years combined with a customer-focused approach driven by excellence in process, communication and quality.

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SYMBIOSIS’ longstanding employees drive the success of our clients. You will profit through the wealth of experience our employees have and the knowledge they share. SYMBIOSIS has created a end-to-end process system which enables us to ensure your requirements are achieved to exact specifications within expected timeframes.

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Translating client requirements and objectives into final reports requires an integrated communication approach that includes the client, project management, technical staff and quality assurance. Each component has its own set of unique dynamics which is why SYMBIOSIS has created a scalable, flexible communication model adaptable to your requirements.

We work with you to understand and clarify your product objectives. Our internal communication processes are optimized to ensure complete traceability of your product from sample receipt to conclusion of the analysis.

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The highest level of quality is pivotal for our and your success. As a cornerstone of our business, quality manifests itself through our integrated quality assurance system, quality control procedures and testing methods. GMP and GLP certified and FDA approved with over 25 years analysis experience we offer the knowledge and techniques to support your exact requirements in accordance with European and FDA quality standards.